Foot Health

Lilian Forbes our Chiropodist of many years has retired. Her daughter in Law, Liz Forbes is keeping it in the family, and has taken over her clinics and can deal with Corns, Hard Skin, Nail Cutting, Ingrown Toe Nails, and most other foot related issues. 

High risk patient management

The largest group is patients with diabetes who benefit greatly from regular foot care and advice, but also those with arthritis, neurological or vascular conditions tend to have 'high risk' feet and should see a Podiatrist or Chiropodist regularly. For the "at risk" patient this should be available on the NHS, but many prefer the convenience and shorter waiting times to go privately.

Basic Foot Care.

For basic footcare, Ashley Moore (also our Massage Therapist) is qualified in nail cutting and dealing with hard skin. More complex issues would been seen by our Foot Health Professional Liz Forbes.

Biomechanical Issues and foot trauma

Some Foot Health Professionals will deal with biomechanical issues, flat feet, shin splints, running injuries. Mortens Neuroma, Severs Disease, Plantar Fasciitis. At Highland Chiropractic Clinic these issues tend to be dealt with by Eugene Pearce, one of the Chiropractors who has a special interest in Lower Limb biomechanical injuries and Orthotic prescription. Often correcting a foot issue will improve foot, ankle, knee, hip or even lower back pain. In addition for chronic tendinopathies on the foot and ankle (commonly Plantar Fasciitis, and Achilles Tendinitis) we have Shockwave onsite. If you have had trauma to the foot, possibly suffered a stress fracture or have unexplained swelling we also have onsite X-ray to confirm a diagnosis and refer you.