Barbara Hummel is first and foremost a Physiotherapist. She has over the years broadened her scope of practice to include various holistic therapies including Medcial Acupuncture, Hasha Yoga, Reflex Therapy, and Metamorphic Technique. Barbara prides herself in integrating traditional Physiotherapy and Holistic Complementary therapies for the maximum benefit of the patient.

The Holistic Therapies, Reflex Therapy, Metamorphic Technique and Hatha Yoga are provided by our Physiotherapist Barbara Hummel. Barbara has trained as a Reflex Zone, and Metamorphic Technique Therapist. These would not be classed as a Chiropractic or Physiotherapy specialty, but a treatment systems in their own right.

Most Holistic therapies have evolved over centuries. These evolve over time, where therapists spot patterns of outcomes, and reject that which does not give the desired result. Typically holistic therapies will not have large scale randomised controlled trials to support them, so they remain complementary to orthodox medical treatments.

Reflex Zone therapy is in pricipal similar to reflexology, (it is the name given by the Physiotherapy profession for this technique). This treatment is thousands of years old and is based on the theory that each area of the body has a reflex point in the foot. Stimulating these points using pressure or massage type techniques is thought to improve the function of the corresponding area of the body. Traditionally this therapy has been used for menstrual pain, bladder broblems, stress and tension, hormonal irregularities and digestive disorders, once serious medical causes have been ruled out. Lymphatic Drainage massage is often incorporated into the treatment when fluid retention, swollen legs and ankles are present in the patient.

Metamorphic Technique is a very gentle technique that induces a state of deep relaxation by using light pressure on reflex points on the feet, hands and spine. It has been described as being like the contact between the earth and a seed. This technique is easy to learn. It is a very useful tool for parents with children and babies as it has a soothing calming effect.

Hatha Yoga

Traditional hatha yoga started in the 15th century in India. Traditionally this was a holistic therapy using physical postures (asana), purification procedures (shatkriya), poses (mudra), breathing (pranayama), and meditation. Modern day hatha yoga practiced in the West consists of mostly physical postures and exercises. It is recognized as a stress-reducing practice, and is mainly used to improve flexibility and core stabilty.

One to One Hatha Yoga tuition is available at the Highland Chiropractic Clinic; Classes are held at Carrbridge and Grantown on Spey.

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Swedish Massage Head Massage Relaxation

What can I expect in a treatment?

Our therapist will take a full case history, including any injury details, privacy and professionalism is at the forefront of all treatments.

They will then develop, discuss and administer a treatment package tailored to the individual client requirements.

The treatment package could incorporate a combination of the disciplines our therapist are trained in.